About Safeguarded Online Data Repository

An information repository is a central location that enables the storage, repair and long lasting accessibility of an data place. This type of lasting information facilities is typically applied to scientific investigate, but it can even be applied to taking care of business info. The benefits of working with a centralized space for holding and examining your data happen to be numerous, but implementing a brand new system comes with a few conflicts that must be dealt with effectively.

Keeping all of your facts in one place can be more effective than storing it in multiple places, and easier to back up. Nevertheless , putting all of your eggs in a single basket truly does make it harder to make certain your information is guaranteed. A safeguarded repository that utilizes a digital signature approach to furnish verified info is a cure for help mitigate these issues.

Data databases should provide the following features:

Enhanced Metadata: Ensures that try these out datasets and the metadata are accompanied by metadata that are suitable designed for, and widely used within, the community(ies) the repository assists. This can involve domain-specific metadata schema and/or details to datasets.

Broad and Measured Reuse: Makes datasets readily available under terms that allow for broad reuse and attribution (e. g., through assignment of a one of a kind data identifier) while improving ethical and privacy problems.

OHSU’s central, secure info repository is known as the Cancer tumor Data Product (CDS). CDS supports both equally open get and regulated access data. For info that cannot be made (immediately) public for legal, ethical, or practical reasons, the REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) app can be used to collect, deal with and retail store HIPAA- and IRB-compliant info.

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